Gerhard Paulus gpaulus at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Dec 23 01:49:55 PST 1998

Hello Peter,

<< Which URL? Let me give it a try with my current snap (which is pretty different
<< to b3)

The URL  is


Now that would be great if you test the GUI with a fresher build of Kaffe <s>.

Dumb question:  if the GUI stuff works with Kaffe on Linux will it also work with
Kaffe on other platforms ? I'm not so much thinking about the visual appearance but
the behaviour of GUI components.  If windows and widgets behave differently (as is
now the case with Kaffe/Linux --- Sun's VM/Win32 ) then it's really difficult to
develop a GUI which is useful on several platforms.

I'm continuing now with the non-GUI stuff of the database (code samples and
regression tests). BTW, is there a list of known errors etc. for download ?  I
can't see any and would be interested in any known bugs concerning  TCPIP stuff.


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