[Kaffe] bug in javac! (it ignores the -classpath argument)

Moses DeJong dejong at cs.umn.edu
Sat Dec 26 18:32:13 PST 1998

The javac program in the kaffe bin directory seems to ignore the
-classpath argument. If the -classpath argument is given then
the CLASSPATH env var should not be used during the compile.

% unsetenv CLASSPATH
% /tmp/mo/install_kaffe/bin/javac -classpath /tmp/mo/install_kaffe/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar Test.java

% setenv CLASSPATH /soft/java/JDK-1.1.6/lib/classes.zip
% /tmp/mo/install_kaffe/bin/javac -classpath /tmp/mo/install_kaffe/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar Test.java

Could not initialize Kaffe.
It's likely that your CLASSPATH settings are wrong. Please make sure
your CLASSPATH does not include any java.lang.* classes from other JVM
vendors, such as Sun's classes.zip, BEFORE Kaffe's Klasses.jar.
It is okay to have classes.zip AFTER Klasses.jar

The current effective classpath is `/soft/java/JDK-1.1.6/lib/classes.zip:/tmp/mo/install_kaffe/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar:/tmp/mo/install_kaffe/share/kaffe/pizza.jar'

The compiler should not use the CLASSPATH variable when -classpath is given
as an argument to the program. I was using the latest kaffe-snap release
when I saw this problem. The last change in the kaffe-snap changelog was
dated Tue Dec 22 10:30:16 1998.

I hope that helps
mo dejong
dejong at cs.umn.edu

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