How does it work ?

peter at peter at
Mon Dec 28 10:25:26 PST 1998

I just speak for the AWT part here..

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, David Jones wrote:
>In general, what are the guidelines for submitting bug reports?

Just post them to the list. In case I need more input, I will get back to you

There already is a bug tracking system installed, but for now I would prefer
the list (until we have the current compatibility fixes merged in)

>How long a "soak time" should we allow for bugs new to the current snapshot?
>i.e. if I find a bug that didn't exist before, then should I wait three days,
>update again, and report only if it's still there?

I know that the current situation with the AWT is somewhat tedious. But having
to keep all these systems in sync (with a significant amount of code changed
because of the (Swing) compatibilty issues), I'm not yet inclined to submit
patches on a ad hoc basis. We probably will stabilize to this level by end of

-- Peter

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