RMI support? (fwd)

Christopher Smith cbsmith at envise.com
Thu Dec 31 13:24:45 PST 1998

Godmar Back wrote:
>  Chris, it would be great if you let the list know what you find out
> with regards to Ninja's compatibility.
> You are bound to find bugs in kaffe's serialization implementation, in part
> because it is incomplete.  However,  I do not think that the problem is lack
> of knowledge of the native methods that Sun uses to implement their pickling
> and the like.  Some known problems that are mentioned in the FAQ include
> that kaffe's object serialization does not follow spec; for instance, it
> does not compute serialversion uid according to the algorithm described by
> Sun.
> As an aside, I should point out that RMI worked in the last pre-1.0b1
> snapshot --- when kaffe still used Sun's classes.zip and implemented the
> native methods by guessing --- so ironically we got those native methods
> upon which Sun's implementation relies right.  The current problems lie in
> the Java part, which is no longer based on any code from Sun.
I should be able to answer this for you early in the new year. Out of
curiosity, is there any reason why we aren't using Sun's method for
computing serialversion uid?


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