REVISED: ServerSocket.accept()/scheduler bug

David Caldwell inonit at
Sun Feb 8 06:12:48 PST 1998

Hmmm ... sorry.

The bug isn't actually in the scheduler or accept() method at all -- it's in exception handling.

My code (designed to run on other machines, but also knowing that Kaffe didn't support reflection) was trying to call a reflection method as follows:

	try {
		// call reflection method
	} catch (Throwable t) {
		// call substitute that doesn't use reflection

This caused the thread to crash (but apparently not the VM, however, I haven't fully investigated this).  So the program continued to run, but I couldn't get the thread to advance beyond the ServerSocket.accept() method, because the next call was the call above.

Sorry if I sent anyone on a wild-goose chase.

I know that there's a patch out there for reflection; maybe my ISP will go and get it and install it for me (Duane?).

-- David.

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