Klasses in ROM

Michael Schröder Michael.Schroeder at hi.himh1.bosch.de
Thu Feb 5 00:10:37 PST 1998

>  Well, you can certainly put the class files into read-only storage
>  if you want.. but that doesn't mean they have to be compiled into
> kaffe. Class files are pretty much "read only" in Java.

Which parts of the Hjava_lang_Class ond of the stuct methods are
actually constant during execution (and can be kept in ROM ??)??

> There's no reason why you can't create a filesystem, in the sense of a
> collection of routines which mimic the behaviour of open() and read().
> However, it's obviously desirable to avoid copying data from ROM to
> RAM when it can be accessed directly from ROM.

That's the point. It would make things a lot more easy if I could have
the classes directly accessible from ROM.

So far ,


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