java.lang.NullPointerException while running javac

Aleksey Sudakov zander at
Mon Feb 9 18:09:53 PST 1998


Sometimes when I run javac on my OpenStep machine I've got the following exception

        at sun/tools/javac/SourceClass.compile(line unknown, pc 0x5c)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.compile(line unknown, pc 0x447)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.main(line unknown, pc 0x32)
        at java/util/ResourceBundle.getBundle(line unknown, pc 0x15)
        at java/util/ResourceBundle.getBundle(line unknown, pc 0x7)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.initResource(line unknown, pc 0x2)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.getText(line unknown, pc 0x6)
        at sun/tools/javac/BatchEnvironment.errorString(line unknown, pc 0x60)
        at sun/tools/javac/BatchEnvironment.error(line unknown, pc 0x63)
        at sun/tools/java/Environment.error(line unknown, pc 0xa)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.compile(line unknown, pc 0x5d6)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.main(line unknown, pc 0x32)

Could anybody comment on this? Is there anybody who get the same exception  
on different platforms or it's OpenStep specific behaivior?

This exception happens infrequently, but still it's annoying.


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