Cryptix 3.0

Michael R. Harper mikihasa at
Mon Feb 16 01:47:54 PST 1998

Is anyone using the IJCE support provided by the Cryptix encryption
extensions?  The documentation mentions Kaffe a few times, but it
assumes that Kaffe is still back at the 1.0.2 API level.

My platform is BSDI 3.1 and I have the latest Kaffe brew.

If there is someone using it, can you spare some time to hold my hand
through getting it set up?  Please reply even if you do not want to help
and I will try to sweet talk you into it--just kidding, I would just
like to know if it has been done.


Michael R. Harper
mikihasa at

P.S.: For those of you who may be interested, but have no idea what I am
talking about, take a look at:

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