KAFFE in Embedded PC?

Alessandro Vernet avernet at scdi.org
Mon Feb 16 23:07:50 PST 1998

ssharif at sparton.com (SHARAD SHARIF) wrote:
> Saw a post on DOS-KAFFE, so I am hoping that others are ahead of me
> on this. How do you unpack kaffe-0.9.2.tgz in DOS or windows?
> Has anything been done on porting Kaffe to an embedded PC
> environment (like in industrial PC104, under Datalight's ROM-DOS)?

The archive kaffe-0.9.2.tgz available on ftp://ftp.kaffe.org/kaffe/ just
contains the source code for Kaffe version 0.9.2 (which is also pretty
old). If you are using Windows, you can uncompress it using WinZip
(http://www.winzip.com/) or a Windows version of GNU tar and gzip.


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