[ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe: The future

James Cooper pixel at organic.com
Mon Feb 23 14:28:28 PST 1998

> Enough said - now it is your turn. Please let us know about your point
> of view, whether you have questions about the license, want to contribute
> work for the free system, think of sponsoring, are interested in commercial
> work, or think of some other kind of cooperation.

So will it be somewhat like the concept that Netscape has going with the
Communicator source?  You guys will retain copyright, but allow
redistribution and source modification?

What's your view on the work Cygnus is doing?  It sounds like you're
taking a similar approach with Java that they took with gcc -- focusing on
embedded systems and platforms that everyone else ignores.. 

I'm definately interested in having an alternative on Unix to the Javasoft
VMs, so I hope this endeavor works out.  One question I've had about the
kaffe project in general is how the development process is managed.  Is
there/will there be a central CVS repository for the project, or will
there be a private repository maintained by Transvirtual that people can
submit patches/diffs to?  Just curious how you envision this process


-- James

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