Hpux port

Yuji Nimura nimura at arc.isl.melco.co.jp
Mon Feb 23 17:08:56 PST 1998

omar writes;
>I would like to know if there is some project on porting kaffe to the hpux

I post patchs to port kaffe 0.9.2 on HP-UX 10.20 with HP-CC.
You can get them from http://rufus.w3/org/tools/Kaffe/messages/1511.html,
it is a part of archive of this kaffe mailing-list.

If you plan to port kaffe without shared libraries, you
should get patch.noshardlib and patch.nosharedlib.tim from
On the other hand, if you want to use shared library on
HP-UX, you could find the information about it in
# I have read it a few mouths ago but I forgot its title and author.

If you want to use HP-CC on porting, you should use the
10.x or later version of it, because both "long long" and
"__int64" types are not supported by HP-CC 9.xx and it will
make hard to port kaffe.

I have no information to port kaffe on HP-UX with GNU-CC.

Yuji Nimura (nimura at arc.isl.melco.co.jp)

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