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Michael R. Harper mikihasa at
Wed Feb 25 02:50:45 PST 1998

Dear tullmann at,

Thanks for responding.  I appreciate your help.  Please see my comments
interspersed amongst yours below:


> None of these are shared libraries.  (should be, etc.)
> When you did the configure did you use '--enable-staticlib'?  Did you
> notice if the configuration mentioned if dynamic libraries were
> available?  (I believe by default it will use dynamic libraries if it
> can.)  What architecture are you using?

I am using BSDI 3.1.  I did not use any special configuration switches.  I
am reasonably sure dynamic libraries are supported on this platform, but I
guess if it did not create them then maybe they are not.

> Now, the problem is what does Kaffe do when statically linked?
> (Static linking implies that libnet and libzip were linked into the
> binary at compile time and thus the Runtime.loadLibrary() call should
> silently work.)  Look at kaffe/kaffevm/external.c:loadNativeLibrary().

So, are you saying that the wording in the error message implies that
dynamic linking is not enabled?

> Just as a note, jdb isn't going to work as Kaffe doesn't support the
> debugging interface.  (Er, it won't work with Kaffe as a target.  If
> you're debugging another VM, that might work.)

What?  I always get asked to send jdb (a.k.a. kaffe
$@) output from core dumps.  Are you saying that the jdb script above that
is bundled with Kaffe is bogus?

> > Does kaffe actually look at these files as it runs, or just during
> > compilation?
> It only looks at libfoo.a during linking.  You'll need
> for dynamic linking.  (At least, on the architectures I'm used to.)

So I guess that the libraries (net and zip) that enable jdb and jar were
bogus at compile/link time and so they never made it into the Kaffe
executable.  As you can probably tell, I am shooting in the dark.


Michael R. Harper
mikihasa at

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