Biss-awt - when ?

Peter C. Mehlitz pm at
Sat Jan 10 14:25:28 PST 1998

> Alfa version of 0.88 is dated half year ago. Are there plans to support
> biss-awt further, or has idea died ?

Not just plans. The whole thing is ready! Including the 1.1 compatible native
layer. Well, at least almost. But there are big changes - we go together with
kaffe, it's not BISS anymore (both BISS-AWT and myself). A general announcement
together with Tim is terribly overdue (since we need some support and
protagonists). I count the days until Tim is back and managed to organize
server space so that we can go out.

The idea isn't dead, it vivid more than ever. I'm as impatient as you are to
unveil our plans. Life would be easy if we just would have to deal with
technical issues.


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