another javac problem

Archie Cobbs archie at
Thu Jan 22 11:09:40 PST 1998

I wrote:
>   $ javac
> Exception FooException must be caught, or it must be declared in the throws clause of this method.
>     private static Object throwException() throws FooException {
> 			  ^
> Exception FooException is never thrown in the body of the corresponding try statement.
> 	  } catch (FooException e) {
> 	    ^
>   2 errors
> This compiles fine with JDK-1.1.5, so either the javac compiler had a bug
> which has since been fixed or there's some kaffe specific problem.

I just found out that someone else has seen similar problems when
using CodeWarrior on the Mac.. so it must not be kaffe-specific.
Updating the file that kaffe uses should fix the problem.


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