kaffe segmentation fault

Margo Fawzi mfawzi at soft.cs.auc.eun.eg
Wed Jul 1 05:45:56 PDT 1998

hi mr. tim, hello kaffe group,

i have done with the compilation and running kaffe. but unfortuantely, when i tried to run HelloWorldApp, first it give me : it can't find java/lang/object.
then and after passing this message, a segmentation fault do occur whenever i
try to run the class. actually i am working on version 10.0 on linux 2.3 (kernel version 
at the same time the first error occurs on solaris on both versions 9.2 ad 10.0.
please send me as soon as possible because these errors have caused me alot 
of trouble especially it is concerned with my thesis, and acutually i have 
written my code and i cannot run it or discover what's running and what's not. 
actually i am running of time, and i need few guiding words to help me go more step.
thanks ver very much 

your student
mfawzi at cs.auc.eun.eg

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