kaffe-1.0.b1 probs on Linux

Mattias Pantzare pantzer at ludd.luth.se
Wed Jul 15 08:22:51 PDT 1998

> Godmar Back <gback at cs.utah.edu> writes:
> >> You may still include classes.zip *after* Klasses.jar, if you still
> >> wish to run `javac', for example, but this is illegal, because
> >> classes.zip is not GPL'ed, and you can't link GPL'ed and non-GPL'ed
> >> code together.
> > I think it's only illegal if you plan on distributing it.  Running
> > it should be fine.
> That's not RMS's opinion.
> > Also, it's not just javac: Kaffe still doesn't have a javap, serialver, 
> > rmic, and rmiregistry.
> IMO, Kaffe should be distributed with an exception to the license that 
> allows Sun classes.zip to be executed with Kaffe.

:-) If that is the case, then you can't run any non-GPL applications 
with kaffe. There is not a difference in loading a class via the commandline 
or loading it via the enviroment variable.

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