alignment problem ?

Raffaele Sena raff at
Sat Jul 18 06:23:58 PDT 1998

Ok, I seems to have solved all my problems.

One was the ALIGNMENT_OF_SIZE macro not defined for any architecture
but i386 (that defaults to align to the type size, while my compiler - and
most of what's around - alignes to a maximum of 4 bytes).

The other was an incorrect implementation of I2C in the interpreter.
While the jit correctly consider a Java character as a 16-bit variable,
the interpreter was returning only the lower 8 bits. And the pizza
compiler class reader reads 2-byte values as Character and then converts
them into Integer.

I changed the implementation of cvt_int_char in kaffe/kaffevm/intrp/icode.h
to be the same as cvt_int_short and everything is now working.

Now I can check if I can use the jit for my machine.

Thanks to everybody that replayed.

-- Raffaele

raff at             (::)

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