paint ( ) in Kaffe's AWT

Hoe-Teck Wee hoeteck at
Tue Jul 21 07:20:08 PDT 1998


I've noticed that there appears to be a difference in Kaffe's and JDK's
implementation of the paint method in the AWT or the KVM. When overriding the
paint method in a class extending java.applet.Applet, it is necessary to call
the super.paint() in Kaffe in order that the display may update properly;
however, this isn't always necessary in JDK, as indicated in some examples in
Que's Special Edition Using Java 1.1. In fact, some of these examples don't work
properly when running under Kaffe. Can I just find out what the norm is, and
what other points I should note between writing applications for Kaffe's and for
JDK's runtime environment?


- hoeteck

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