Kaffe and Cygnus Java plans

Per Bothner bothner at cygnus.com
Mon Jul 27 18:22:18 PDT 1998

Alessandro Vernet <avernet at scdi.org> writes:
> Apparently Cygnus had plans to write a GCC front-end for Java to produce
> native code. This code could be used from Kaffe, for full details see:
>	http://www.cygnus.com/product/javalang/.
> This project is not really a new one since Per Bothner's article dates
> back to February 1997 and so I was just wondering if someone at Cygnus
> (or anywhere) is still working on Java front-end for GCC and on
> modifying Kaffe to work with code compiled by GCC?

We are still working on Java front-end for GCC (the web page was
very recently updated).

We are not at this point working on modifying Kaffe to work with
code compiled with Gcc.  We did in the past, and Kaffe presumably
still includes most of those changes we/I made to make Kaffe
interoperate with Gcc.

Gcc for efficiency needs to target a very specific run-time API,
and it was just logistically (and otherwise) difficult to target
a runtime that was also rapidly being changed elsewhere.  After
Gcc/Java has stabilized some, and it has been released, maybe someone
will work on making Gcc and Kaffe compatible.  But I think that is
up to TransVirtual, not Cygnus.

	--Per Bothner
Cygnus Solutions     bothner at cygnus.com     http://www.cygnus.com/~bothner

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