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Tue Jul 28 08:24:26 PDT 1998

Alexandre Oliva writes:
> > The method Class.getClassLoader() is returning null, which is
> > causing stuff to bomb out with NullPointerException.
> getClassLoader() is supposed to return null for classes loaded by the
> default class-loader.  If things are bombing because it is returning
> null, the problem must be elsewhere

Yes, you're right.. here's the problem I'm having:

	  at java/lang/Class.getResourceAsStream(158)
	  at ca/mcgill/sable/sablecc/GenTokens.<init>(91)
	  at ca/mcgill/sable/sablecc/SableCC.main(163)
	  at SableCC.main(73)

Because in java/lang/

  public InputStream getResourceAsStream(String name) {
	  return (getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(fullResourceName(name)));

So I guess getResourceAsStream() needs to be fixed.


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