Kaffe, Swing, and NetBeans...

Michael Koehne kraehe at bakunin.north.de
Wed Jul 29 18:51:15 PDT 1998

Moin Peter C. Mehlitz,

> We are working on swing compatibility ( (some)peers, deprecateds and all
> that..) - still some way to go. But to make it public, somebody has to show us
> how to work around the Gif license restrictions (since swing heavily uses Gifs).

	Once I have dynamic linking up and running (next weekend - i hope)
	I could make a "german library". As you know germany has no patent
	right on algorithms. This german archive could also take up
	stuff for crypto and other thing restricted by braindead laws.

	This is of course quite similar to ghostscript installation, where
	you need some files from australia to complete.
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