Kaffe 0.10.1, FreeBSD, Bad magic

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Mon Jul 6 17:45:05 PDT 1998

>  Greetings all,
>  I'm attempting to get Kaffe 0.10.1 up on a FreeBSD box. Configure,
> make, and make install run smoothly. Make test gives me the following
> error :
>   *** Running tests
>   error running
>     Should have got:
>   Hello World!
>     But got instead:
>   Bad magic 65000000 in class

 You're using the classes.zip that comes with the FreeBSD jdk port.  
Kaffe won't work with that one.  Use the one from Sun's Solaris JDK,
version 1.1.5.

The "bad magic error" seems to indicate an as of now still unknown problem 
in the jar/unzip code in kaffe.  It was also reported by Mark Huizer on 
the freebsd java mailing list.  If you have the time, you could grab
the zip/jar specs and debug it.  Maybe the .zip contains extra information
in the directory which confuses Kaffe?

	- Godmar

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