A few more problems

Laurent Bossavit morendil at micronet.fr
Tue Jul 7 06:24:10 PDT 1998

 Hi all,

Still trying to get JavaWebServer to run on FreeBSD+Kaffe. I've been
alternating between 0.10.0 and 0.10.1 to discriminate between recent
bugs (or recently fixed bugs, for that matter) and persistent problems.

Problem : Thread.setPriority() will sometimes generate a spurious
IllegalArgumentException; debug code in Kaffe's Thread
implementation reveals that it gets called with a new priority of 10
when the owning ThreadGroup's getMaxPriority() returns 9. I
haven't traced that further yet.

Problem : upon execution, I receive the following error :
  kaffe in free(): warning: junk pointer, too high to make sense.
I haven't traced it further yet.

Problem : in 0.10.1 (not 10.0), the app dies with an OutOfMemoryError 
shortly after startup.

Laurent Bossavit
NetDIVE Paris offices                      (o o)
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