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David Mansfield david at
Tue Jul 14 11:55:56 PDT 1998

Ho there, hey there.

Simple bug.  I was going to post the below message, but I decided to
check around first.  Here's a bug:

If my html file (containing the <APPLET> tag) doesn't contain a trailing
'\n', then the parse will loop forever.  I haven't looked too much through
the code, but it seems that in the StreamTokenizer, EOF is being handled
as a character, rather than throwing an exception. If this is true, then
EOF is being mapped from -1 to 256 (in chrRead) but skipLine is looking
for a '\n' hence infinite loop.  But why no EOF exception?


-- original message below --

Well, I've just tried  kaffe-1.0.b1 and it doesn't seem to run any applets
I have.  With as much verbosity as I can turn on, it seems to not even
load a single one of my classes, and has just:
<JIT:java/io/StreamTokenizer.skipLine()V time 0ms (163ms) @ 0x86956d8>

when it gives up, load goes --> 1.0.

My system is RedHat 4.2, intel, gcc, libc 5.4.36.  The only
"non-standard" thing I've done is specify --prefix=/usr/local/kaffe so as
to make it easier to 'rm -r' to make for easier cleanup.


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