Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at
Wed Jul 15 09:02:00 PDT 1998

Quoting Kiyo Inaba (inaba at
> >As far as I know, kaffe at and kaffe at
> >are the SAME mailing-list ...
> One funny thing is, I did not receive mail message whose subject
> is 'RELEASE Kaffe 1.0.0' from Tim. I noticed Kaffe 1.0.0 is
> released by some mail on kaffe at ML for reply to
> this original message.
> Am I the only one who does not receive original mail?

  Well, first I host the kaffe mailing-list on for approximately
9 months now, kaffe at is (was ?) an alias, kaffe at too
I guess.
  Second, Tim sent the announcement once, on kaffe-announce so people on the
list just subscribed to kaffe ML were taken by surprise ...
  You can read the announcement at

 i.e. on the kaffe-announce archive, kaffe ML archives are at

and a full archive in mbox format updated every days is available at

FYI, the kaffe list contains approximately 600 persons, and the mail server
    on rufus handled around 100 MBytes of data this night mainly due to the
    traffic on kaffe list :-)


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