Alternative GCs for Kaffe ?

David Young dyoung at
Wed Jul 15 12:51:50 PDT 1998

	Has anyone tried Kaffe with alternative garbage collectors, like
the one by Boehm (sp?) et al. ? I have an application that could
benefit from Kaffe's JIT compilation, but Kaffe is so slow to allocate
and reclaim memory that the application actually runs about twice as
fast with Sun's interpreter. If anyone has experimented with
alternative GCs, please let me know.

	Also, can someone explain to me the meaning of these blurbs of
info, emitted when kaffe is run with the -verbosegc option ? -->

<GC: heap 6144K, total 52790K, alloc 1452K, marked 914K, freeing 51875K>
<GC: heap 6144K, total 53462K, alloc 1462K, marked 916K, freeing 52545K>
<GC: heap 6144K, total 53563K, alloc 1453K, marked 914K, freeing 52648K>
<GC: heap 6144K, total 53883K, alloc 1457K, marked 926K, freeing 52956K>


David Young * dcy2 cornell edu

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