GC failing under Redhat 5.1

David Young dyoung at mork.uni.uiuc.edu
Thu Jul 16 13:22:43 PDT 1998

> Prior to that the program runs quite slowly with far too much time
> (apparently) spent in the GC.  I'd suggest the GC as the area that TV
> ought to focus on in the short term.

	I'll second that. The biggest disadvantage in using Kaffe versus
the JDK's VM is Kaffe's pokey garbage collector.


 Has kaffe been run under Purify? 
> Or even Sun's debugger on Solaris?  That might reveal some memory access
> bugs or memory leaks.
> I must say that I am very happy to see TV continuing to release under
> the GPL,  And I intend to chip in and help out where I can.
> Thanks,
> ++Brian
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