Some success, errors in awt, java.text.BreakIterator...

Ben Greear greear at
Thu Jul 16 18:44:40 PDT 1998

The problem with my core dump was indeed that the Klasses.jar
(and pizza.jar) were not in my classpath.  Put them in and it
fired right up.  It tanked soon there-after...  Was going to
recompile using kaffe's javac (pizza).

Seems the method (from javadocs in the JDK):
from class:  java.awt.Component

 public void repaint(long tm)

      Repaints the component. This will result in a call to update within
tm milliseconds. 

            tm - maximum time in milliseconds before update 
      See Also: 
            paint, update 

is not implemented.  I noticed this because I called this method
in a class derived from Panel (which is derived from Component,


It seems BreakIterator is not completely defined
either, because I get this error... function getLineInstance() not found in
class java.text.BreakIterator

Well, I can't comment this one out and have any decent kind of gonna call it quits here...  Good luck with your project!


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