Problems with Swing on Kaffe

Glynn Clements glynn at
Fri Jul 17 01:02:58 PDT 1998

Peter C.Mehlitz wrote:

> > plus you wouldn't break existing
> > Aren't those methods on Toolkit you choose not to implement
> > required by the PersonalJava standard you claim to conform to?
> Since peers are completely "hidden" implementation, it shouldn't break any app.
> The Toolkit createXX methods are protected, and I don't see how they would be
> used by apps.

Correct me if I've misunderstood what's going on here, but all of the
java.awt.* `widget' classes work by calling methods of the peer which
they create (using `getToolkit().createFoo(this)') in their
addNotify() method.

How can a Toolkit be implemented without providing classes which
implement the Peer interfaces?

Glynn Clements <glynn at>

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