unresolvable symbol in libkaffevm.so: sysdepCallMethod

Pavel.Roskin at ecsoft.co.uk Pavel.Roskin at ecsoft.co.uk
Fri Jul 17 05:43:16 PDT 1998


The same thing happens on HP-UX 10.20. The problem is that the function
sysdepCallMethod() is written in assembler and I have no idea how to port
it. This function is now necessary for both jit and intrp engines :-(
Is it possible to write some function in C and use it if there is no native
function? Another idea would be to use some calls in libbfd, is this
library can be located. This library is used by gdb and supports a lot of
architectures including HP-UX. I simply don't believe that it is necessary
to write something in assembler just to run HelloWorldApp.class in
interpreter mode!
But if it _is_ necessary, can anybody say my what should I write for PARISC

Pavel Roskin

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