unresolvable symbol in libkaffevm.so: sysdepCallMethod

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Jul 17 07:35:22 PDT 1998

>function? Another idea would be to use some calls in libbfd, is this
>library can be located. This library is used by gdb and supports a lot of

Using libbfd is a very charming idea. Even if I don't know so much
of libbfd, the aim for sysdepCallMethod is so close to generic
bfd package.

Let me first tell you what sysdepCallMethod does, and why it is
needed. Whenever Java calls native method, their arguments are
passed in one array of structure. It records each argument size
or type, and sysdepCallMethod interprets them and make it suitable
for C languages' calling convention. Something like m68k, this is
very simple because just put everything on stack, but on most types
of RISC architecture some argument (in C sense) are passed on
registers. This makes writing sysdepCallMethod harder.

Even if you think 'HelloWorldApp' is so simple, it is not. Because
(at least) it has to print out the message, and which is done by
some 'write' call, which is of course implemented in native method.

So, if there are someone who knows more in libbfd, he can point out
how technically feasible this idea.


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