help with configure

Archie Cobbs archie at
Mon Jul 20 19:11:15 PDT 1998

I need a new option added to configure and was looking for some advice
on how to do this.

The option needed is something like --install-root=.. basically the idea
is to get the same effect as FreeBSD's "DESTDIR" variable, which is
simply to prefix the target directory of everything that gets installed
by "make install".. but NOT to alter anything else, including where kaffe
expects to live.

Example, "configure --prefix=/usr/local --install-root=/tmp" would
cause everything to get installed into /tmp/usr/local, but kaffe
at runtime would expect to live in /usr/local.

Thanks for any pointers,

Archie Cobbs   *   Whistle Communications, Inc.  *

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