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I'm a little new to Java, so excuse me if this is a silly question:
I get this IllegalMonitorStateException with a stack showing only objects from the java packages. Wouldn't that mean that there's a bug in Sun's code (whose source is not generaly available)? 
[I don't have the source for this boost tool, either :-(]
However, if it's a problem relating to kaffe, what could I do about it?

__Pascal Bourguignon__

[pascal at triton]$ ./boost
        at java/awt/MediaTrackerEntry.imageUpdate(286)
        at java/awt/Image.stateChange(527)
        at java/awt/Image.createFromFile(382)
        at java/awt/Image.createFromURL(405)
        at java/awt/Image$Initializer.startProduction(261)
        at java/awt/Image$
        at java/lang/
[pascal at triton]$ kaffe -version
Kaffe Virtual Machine
Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998
Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.  All rights reserved
Engine: Just-in-time   Version: 1.00   Java Version: 1.1
[pascal at triton]$ rpm -q kaffe

public class IllegalMonitorStateException
extends _RuntimeException_

Thrown to indicate that a thread has attempted to wait on an object's monitor or to notify other threads waiting on an object's monitor without owning the specified monitor.

See Also:
_notify_, _notifyAll_, _wait_, _wait_, _wait_
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