Subject: freezing & java.lang.NullPointerException, was java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

Giles Lean giles at
Wed Jul 29 05:45:35 PDT 1998

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998 03:28:08 +0000  Alicia da Conceicao wrote:

[This is all still on NetBSD-1.3.x]

> "gmake test" passes all of the test, accepts the following which it reports:
>         TestFloatDouble ... ignored
>         GCTest ... error running
>         Should have got:
>         [9]:  Success
>         But got instead:

I see failures on more tests, including a couple of core dumps
(TestSerializable and finaltest2) and a couple of tests fail with what
looks like out of order output (DeadThread, GCTest).  I've not looked
into these yet.

> Most noticable is the failure of kaffe's appletviewer when images are
> concerned.  Can anyone else successfully run any of these applets with
> kaffe?  I would still greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer to get
> these applets to run with kaffe.

I have trouble running the applets too, but some of them fail with the
FreeBSD JDK-1.1.6 port as well.

I note running muffin (a filtering HTTP proxy) that kaffe uses lots
(20Mb more!) memory than jdk-1.1.6, but an application I have that
loads images runs just fine.

Kaffe can't be called mature, but it is rapidly improving.  If you
really need something to work *now* on NetBSD I think you're stuck
with the FreeBSD jdk-1.1.6 port compiled with Motif.



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