Subject: freezing & java.lang.NullPointerException, was java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

David Young dyoung at
Wed Jul 29 12:51:51 PDT 1998

On Jul 29, 22:45, Giles Lean wrote:
> I note running muffin (a filtering HTTP proxy) that kaffe uses lots
> (20Mb more!) memory than jdk-1.1.6, but an application I have that
> loads images runs just fine.

	I'd always just assumed that the Kaffe garbage collector was
working as advertised, albeit slowly, but could it be that it's
actually leaking memory? It certainly does seem to use a whole lot
more memory than the JDK. Might that explain why it runs so slowly?

	Could someone post an interpretation of the various fields in
the print-outs Kaffe generates when the -verbosegc option is used?


David Young * dcy2 cornell edu

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