Anyone succeeding using Servlets and Kaffe?

Bryan Mann bmann at
Fri Jul 31 10:37:37 PDT 1998

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Patrick Debois wrote:

> I'm trying to use  JSDK2.0 and Kaffe1.01 on i386/BSD3.1
> Any clue?
[stuff deleted]
> java sun.servlet.http.HttpServer -r $HOME/public_html -v -p 9000 -d
> $HOME/public_servlets -s $HOME/public_servlets/
>  servletrunner starting with settings:
>   port = 9000
>   backlog = 50
>   max handlers = 100
>   timeout = 5000
>   servlet dir = /usr/home/jedi/public_servlets
>   document dir = /usr/home/jedi/public_html
>   servlet propfile = /usr/home/jedi/public_servlets/
> ERROR when calling http://<myserver>/servlet/SnoopServlet
> javax.servlet.UnavailableException
>         at java/lang/Throwable.<init>(30)
>         at java/lang/Exception.<init>(21)
>         at javax/servlet/ServletException.<init>(40)
>         at javax/servlet/UnavailableException.<init>(76)
>         at sun/servlet/ServletLoader.initProperties(189)
>         at sun/servlet/ServletLoader.loadServlet(101)
>         at sun/servlet/http/HttpServer.getServlet(326)
>         at sun/servlet/http/HttpServerHandler.sendResponse(152)
>         at sun/servlet/http/HttpServerHandler.handleConnection(120)
>         at sun/servlet/http/
>         at java/lang/
> Servlet not found: SnoopServlet
This happens because the servlet class loader can't find the SnoopServlet.
The only success I've had debugging this is to run kaffe -v and watch
as the classes get loaded, making sure that my classpath is really pointing
into the '/servelts/' directory.

Also verify that your file is setup correctly since
the servlet loader expects to use it during servlet init.

In a related note my test case dies with an error in parseInt.  I haven't
had time to get much further though.

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