[Q] Endian-ness checks when cross-compiling

Edwin Foo efoo at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 15 11:19:48 PDT 1998

At 09:30 AM 6/15/98 -0600, Godmar Back wrote:
>Btw, did you try the netbsd1 port for the arm?
>How come you're cross-compiling for arm/linux?

Yup, I'm basing the linux port on the netbsd1 port, actually. Now that I
have an "official" release 0.10.1 with the arm stuff in there, I am
currently folding my own changes in.

I'm cross compiling for arm/linux because my target arm/linux platform has
too little RAM (16 mb) and no swap space to run gcc. Said platform is about
the size of a deck of cards. :-)


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