seg fault, 0.10.1, WinNT

Charlie McDowell charlie at
Tue Jun 30 11:03:36 PDT 1998

I'm trying to run HelloWorldApp. Using gdb, I have determined that
in openJarFile (jar.c), is attempting to dereference a null pointer.
I don't know the purpose of the following code, but i is initially 1656
and after four iterations of the loop, curr gets set to null. I'm using
the class file from jdk1.1.5. Any suggestions?

        i = findFirstCentralDirRecord(file);
	file->count = i;
	if (i > 0) {
		curr = readCentralDirRecord(file);
		file->head = curr;
		for (i--; i > 0; i--) {
			curr->next = readCentralDirRecord(file);
			curr = curr->next;

	return (file);

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