Where do I begin?

Tony Kimball alk at pobox.com
Sat Mar 7 13:15:11 PST 1998

Quoth Per Bothner on Sat, 7 March:
: > If kaffe forks, it seems likely that the non-commercial branch
: > would discard the clean-room model entirely.
: I doubt it.  Neither the FSF or or Cygnus or RedHat or Debian or any
: commercial Linux distributor are into putting big "sue me" signs
: on what they do.  Perhaps you might be.

Sheer FUD I'd call that.  If you don't break the copyright, you don't
have a problem.  That's the purpose and intent of the law.  But I'm
not of the view that commercial organizations define the terms under
which open source development occurs.

: A fork is certainly
: a possibility, but in any case abandoning a clean-room approach is
: nothing but foolishness if Kaffe is to be used as more than a toy.

I'm glad that your mail did not restrict itself entirely to (malicious
and fallacious) personal attack, and made a vague gesture towards
addressing pertinent issues.

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