Inner Classes

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Mon Mar 16 00:59:58 PST 1998

Alain Magloire writes:

>> Anyone used inner classes with kaffe? I have to use them in my new project.  
>> Is there a reason to worry at all?

Not that I know of.

> If kaffe or guavac pretends to be java 1.1.x compliant.
> I don't see no reason to worry. It's part of the spec.
> Right ?

The `javac' provided with `kaffe' is exactly the one from JDK 1.1.[23] 
(I'm not sure which one), so it does support inner classes.

> If you're planning to distribute the code to clients
> that may use java 1.0.x then yes.

Certainly not, since Java 1.0 VMs won't even be aware that such and
such classes are inner classes, the VM specification hasn't changed at 

> For ex. not all web browser support awt 1.1
> care must be taken with applets.

This has nothing to do with inner classes, does it?

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