Thread support in 0.10 on OpenBSD

Daniel Veillard veillard at
Tue Mar 31 13:53:40 PST 1998

Quoting Tim Wilkinson (tim at
> My own guess (emphasis on the guess here) would be that it's a problem with
> the setjmp/longjmp threading system.  You need to know where the stack
> pointer is stored in the structure and although Kaffe guesses it can easily
> be wrong.  Look at the thread.h files in config/i386 to get a handle on
> this one.

  BTW, I think that this move to setjmp/longjmp is a good move.
However I remember (I did this kind of user-level threading stuff before)
that on some platforms the libc implementation checks for the "validity"
of the stack pointer when longjmp is called.
  For example I had to rewrite setjmp/longjmp on AIX, I may try to
retrieve that code from archives if there is an use for it. Anybody
tried recompiling the latest version on AIX ?

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