currentTime() on ultra-lame systems

Aaron Harsh ajh at
Mon Mar 9 04:22:33 PST 1998

> From:          Rob Mayoff <mayoff at>
> | - Should currentTime return (time(0) * 1000) rather than 0 on 
> | ultra-lame systems?
> I think that would be far more useful.

How do I incorporate the fix into the general release?  Do I just
send the diffs to Tim Wilkinson?

> | [1] I should say that in COFF compatibility mode there's no way to 
> | get millisecond timing.  If I didn't want to link with third-party 
> | COFF libraries our Sequent would instantly lose it's ultra-lame 
> | status.
> You can't call gettimeofday?

Doesn't exit in Sequent COFF mode, which is one of the reasons it's 

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