Where do I begin?

John D. Gwinner gwinner at northnet.org
Tue Mar 10 19:55:43 PST 1998

> I am only pointing out the
>location of the documents John asked about.


> As you can tell from the
>agreement, it is not limited to educational usage.  It is more aimed at
>providing a means to stimulate 3rd party ports to additional hardware
>platforms.  At least that was my interpretation.  Your mileage may

That's actually the problem, I'm writing software for commercial use.  Even
if it's shareware, low income and all the rest, Sun still wants *serious*
money, or at least they did.  I haven't paid myself a salary in three years,
I'm sure as heck not going to start paying Sun first.  In Sun's world view,
you're educational, special interest hardware support, or you are Microsoft
or IBM.  :-(

        == John ==

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