problems finding classes on bsdi 2.1

Michael R. Harper mikihasa at
Mon Mar 23 00:48:48 PST 1998

Hmmm...CLASSPATH might be a good place to start.  My CLASSPATH is set to:


I put the '.' in so it would check the current directory for .class files.
You could also prepend specific directories if you like.


Michael R. Harper
mikihasa at

Chris Ochs wrote:

> Kaffe-0.9.2
> bsdi 2.1
> Kaffe is having a hard time finding any .class files, and always throws a
> classnotfound exception.  The only way I can get classes I create to run
> is to actually stick them in
> I tried looking everywhere, but I couldn't find anything on where kaffe
> expects to find .class files.  I thought it would just look in the path,
> but it doesn't.  Any ideas?
> Chris

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