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Daniel Veillard veillard at
Sat Mar 28 15:47:05 PST 1998

Quoting Andy Tai (atai at
> What is the situation of Kaffe?   John Mitchell said Kaffe is GPLed, which is
> different from the general understanding that Kaffe is going proprietary.   As
> a result of this understanding, the Free Software Foundation has encouraged a
> GNU (GPLed) JVM project, by the Hungry Programmers (of LessTif), which is
> already at 0.1 release.   

  I agree, that like most of the people on this list I would be happy
to get some kind of minutes resulting of the Java One/Kaffe meetings,

  Tim, you should really share what you have on the workbench both from
the code and from licencing point of view. Be it good, be it bad, it cannot
be worse than letting the frustation develop by lack of news. Remember
that the lesson from Linux is that an open development is always an
order of magnitude faster than something kept only among "core developpers".



P.S: I am the list maintainer, (and don't expect to resign :-) but I will
  be travelling a lot during the next four weeks. I hope that there won't
  be too much trouble on the list while I'm on the road. Tim still have
  the majordomo password so he should be able to fix urgent problem. I will
  try as much as possible to keep an eye on the list but I can't guarantee
  the quality of service. Also I have switched the list to reply to itself,
  I know a lot of people hate that, but that's the only way I found to get
  the error messages to get back to me instead of the message senders. And
  I guess that it's better to check the "To" field of a mail once before
  posting than to receive all the bounce after the message have been sent !

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