fsize field in Hjava_lang_Class?

Davor Cubranic cubranic at cs.ubc.ca
Mon May 18 15:39:38 PDT 1998

I tried turning on ADBG output in kaffevm/soft.c, and the one in soft.new has 
a problem:
ADBG(printf("New object of type %s (%d,%x)\n", c->name->data, c->fsize, obj);

fsize field of the Hjava_lang_Class struct does not exist. I believe this 
should be 'bfsize' (or maybe call to CLASS_FSIZE macro)?

And speaking of ADBG's, is there a way to turn on debugging output 
automatically or do I have to fix their define's in every file I'm interested 
in? I couldn't find any switches in configure file. And what is the division 
of labour among [ACIMT]DBG's supposed to be?


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