patch for sparc sysdepCallMethod

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Sun May 3 17:49:19 PDT 1998

Alexandre Oliva <oliva at> writes:

> <DATE>  Alexandre Oliva  <oliva at>

> 	* config/sparc/common.h: (sysdepCallMethod) handle float and
> 	double return values
> 	* config/sparc/jit-sparc.def: (build_key) add missing
> 	semicolon, for debugging

Please append the following to the ChangeLog entry I provided:

	(returnarg_long): swap i0 and i1 instead of aborting

I had completely forgotten about this change, sorry.  In my modified
version of Kaffe <URL:>, some
methods would load a long into (i1,i0), then return it, for some
reason I don't completely understand, then Kaffe would abort().
Although such load such be avoided, there's nothing wrong with taking
care of this particular case, right?

Alexandre Oliva
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