Question about Kaffe Install.

Wohlfahrtstaetter Christian k3074e8 at
Thu May 7 04:23:10 PDT 1998

>From: "Yung Yi" <yiyung at>
>To: <kaffe at>
>Subject: Question about Kaffe Install.
>Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 19:34:58 +0900
>I have downloaded kaffe0.9.2 and compiled and installed to default
>But The KAFFEHOME directory, /usr/local/share, was not created after
Hi :)

you have to set your KAFFEEHOME path to your directory, where you installed
your version of kaffee on your own, on unix systems e.g.
in your .bashrc :
export KAFFEEHOME="/where/my/kaffe/is:"

in your .cshrc :

setenv KAFFEEHOME "/where/my/kaffe/is:" 



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