fsize field in Hjava_lang_Class?

Patrick A Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Mon May 18 15:56:45 PDT 1998

> I tried turning on ADBG output in kaffevm/soft.c, and the one in soft.new has 
> a problem:
> ADBG(printf("New object of type %s (%d,%x)\n", c->name->data, c->fsize, obj);
> fsize field of the Hjava_lang_Class struct does not exist. I believe this 
> should be 'bfsize' (or maybe call to CLASS_FSIZE macro)?

Yep.  I'd suggest the macro.

> And speaking of ADBG's, is there a way to turn on debugging output 
> automatically or do I have to fix their define's in every file I'm interested 
> in? 

The way its setup now, you have to do it manually in each file.  I,
too, thought this was a royal pain in the arse, so I fixed it.  The
problem is that my dynamic debugging changes are intertwined in my
hacks to get Kore to work on Kaffe.  You should be able to pull the
relevant parts out of the diffs, though.   The other caveat is that I
did this for 0.9.2, but haven't yet migrated my changes to 0.10.0.
Look at http://www.cs.utah.edu/projects/flux/java/kore/ for more info.

> I couldn't find any switches in configure file. And what is the division 
> of labour among [ACIMT]DBG's supposed to be?

Tim's style is to have the first letter denote what sort of debug, in
your case ADBG is an alloc-DBG, etc.  Not a very strict standard, of
course.  Usually the meaning of an xDBG is private to the .c file it

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