Kaffe on NetBSD/arm32

Markus Baeurle emw4maba at gp.fht-esslingen.de
Sat May 30 16:14:37 PDT 1998

Hello everybody!

On April 13, I sent a message to this list about Kaffe on ARM processors.
I was quite disappointed that I didn't get any answers. There must be somebody
who knows about this.
I will repeat my original message here in the hope that somebody can give me
information now.

----------Start of original message----------
I'm very interested in running Kaffe on an Acorn RiscPC running NetBSD/arm32.
I was happy to see that Antonio Lombrano has already done something for the ARM
processors. I tried to mail him, but both addresses I know
(antonio at aloha.iet.unipi.it and antonio at sssupl.sssup.it) failed.

Does anybody have the current address of him or does anybody know if the work
he has done can be used for NetBSD/arm32 and what modifications need to be
Even better, Antonio, if you are still reading this list, please get in touch
with me.
----------End of original message----------

Generally, what needs to be done to port Kaffe to a new architecture?
No JIT for now, naturally.
So long, Markus

PGP key available on request or from
my homepage at http://www.gp.fht-esslingen.de/students/emw4maba

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